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Here is a news article describing the rescue of 11 horses suffering from terrible neglect in rural Vermillion County, Illinois. Check out photos below.

Dewey, IL, January 15, 2013—Eleven horses will have a better future, thanks to a downstate Illinois rescue group. Following a call from a neighbor, investigators from Dewey’s Society for Hooved Animals’ Rescue and Emergency (SHARE Horse Rescue) found 11 emaciated horses—and one dead horse at a farm near Muncie, IL in rural Vermillion County.

All the horses were suffering from neglect and are malnourished and several have pneumonia. Two horses are blind, one with cataracts which may be operable to restore her vision. Another horse has a club foot, a condition which may require surgery. Many of the horses have rain rot, a skin infection common in malnourished horses or horses kept in unclean environments.

Working with investigators from the department of agriculture, the owner opted to relinquish the eleven horses to the horse rescue to avoid prosecution, which was critical to make sure the horses got removed from the property and received medical attention as soon as possible. Friday night, volunteers worked many hours in the mud to catch and transport the horses to the Dewey facility so they could be triaged for medical needs and other health issues. They join two others removed from the same farm earlier, making a total of thirteen horses rescued.

The eleven newly rescued horses will go into a quarantine barn, which means displacing the other residents of the barn—horses who have passed their quarantine time successfully, but don’t have another place to go. To help out, the rescue is looking for foster homes for some of their other residents.

“While we always have quite a wide variety of horses ready to adopt--including healthy, sound riding horses, we’re looking for foster homes for the horses who maybe aren’t going to get adopted—those who have some soundness issue that makes them not ridable, but still have fabulous personalities, are easy to care for, and will integrate easily into the existing horse herd at a foster home,” said rescue board member, Lori Cooper.

Families fostering will get the benefit of helping out a horse in need of a family, making room for the horses just arrived at SHARE—and a tax benefit. The rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, meaning costs incurred in taking care of foster horses can be deducted from taxes. The rescue is actively looking for foster homes for previously rescued, healthy horses, as well as other donations of senior feed, hay, and money to assist in caring for the eleven new horses.

The Society for Hooved Animals’ Rescue and Emergency was formed in 2005. Over the years they have provided care for hundreds of horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys. In 2012 the group took in 21 horses and adopted out 25 horses. For more information on the rescue, visit

Below find some photos of the horses involved in this rescue


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