Members - Donors - Volunteers

These are the folks that make SHARE possible. THANK YOU to each and everyone for your committment of time and resources!


A big THANK YOU also goes out to everyone else that has contributed to SHARE in whatever way!

Name Member Donor Volunteer
Roger and Joyce Runquist Yes    
Linda and Von Hewerdine Yes    
Chris and Linda Dewey Yes    
Jerry Meece Yes Yes  
Jami McClessand Yes    
Brent Baldwin Yes    
Scott Meece Yes Yes  
Sherry Web


Carolyn Applebaum Yes    
Jodi Barnhill Yes    
Laura Bivans Yes    
Allison Boers Yes    
Marcy Boers Yes    
Peggy Burke Yes    
Merle Cagley Yes    
Wendy and Kayla Camp Yes    
Reg Green Yes    
Douglas Cox Yes    
Terry and Christopher Deaville Yes    
Herman and Joan Edwards Yes    
Ashley Hall Yes    
Susan Helmink Yes    
Crystal Hennigh Yes    
Sherry Hingten Yes    
Christopher Baldwin Yes    
Susan McCoy Yes    
Doug and Nancy Olson Yes    
Walter and Kimberly Smith Yes    
Debbie Starkey Yes    
Daly Stevens Yes    
Gerald and Rose Tilley Yes    
Brenna Williams Yes    
Lisa Blocker Yes    
Prairieland Feeds   Yes  
Trudy Lapic   Yes  
Peny Cukay   Yes  

Dr. Tom Monfort

Emily Voelker Yes Yes Yes
Debi Stoppkotte Yes Yes Yes
Heide Fogal Yes Yes Yes



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Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergencies

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Currently we are not accepting any new owner turn-ins. We will continue to respond to investigation requests and work with the Dept of Agriculture and other authorities to aid in the rescue of animals where warranted.

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