Fostering with SHARE

What is "fostering?" Simply put this is providing a temporary sanctuary for a rescued horse.


Fostering is an opportunity to aid in the rescue and recovery of a hooved friend, both aiding individual animals and helping SHARE to meet the overall needs of the animals in our care.  At this time, SHARE is NOT fostering horses UNLESS it is an emergency; i..e., SHARE barns are full and we have an emergency rescue.


If you think you might be interested, please contact us to discuss how you might help.  And if you think you would like to be considered "on call" for emergencies, please let us know so we may keep your name on file - thanks!

Contact us to discuss what you are able to do.


You must meet the same requirements as adoption:

Additional Information on Fostering with SHARE

Do you have room for just one more?  We have two kinds of foster homes: pasture pet foster homes who take a horse who isn't likely to be adopted otherwise, and training foster homes. If you think you can provide care for one of our pasture pets, check our Adoption List for their information. If you have experience and can start a horse under saddle, or do ground work with one of our extremely timid horses, we need you as a training foster home. For more info email and we'll also need you to fill out the adoption application, just state that you want to foster, not adopt.

Some of the horses rescued by SHARE have special needs. They may be sick, malnourished, injured, scared, in need of training, or pregnant. Some are simply too young to survive without special care and feeding. To provide these animals with every opportunity of finding a forever home, we seek assitstance from any source available, including foster homes, to help deal with specific situations and overflow needs until animals are either ready to return to the rescue facility or to go out for adoption.

SHARE personnel will assist in matching animals with foster homes to provide the best outcome for everyone. It is important to provide a positive experience for both the animals and the foster home.


SHARE personnel will continue to work ongoing with foster homes to ensure a smooth transition and stay for the horses and the foster parents. 


We also have a need for long-term fostering committments for our wonderful pasture pets. They make great companion horses and just want someone to give them attention. Please contact us if you would be willing to participate.


One great example is Chaos - very sweet, but not sound for riding. Check out his story here. He is also on our Adoption List.


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Currently we are not accepting any new owner turn-ins. We will continue to respond to investigation requests and work with the Dept of Agriculture and other authorities to aid in the rescue of animals where warranted.

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