We Need You!

Volunteers are the life blood of SHARE - without their help and dedication it simply would not be possible to care for the needs of all our horses.


There are many ways in which volunteers can contribute to the success of SHARE. The obvious ways are in feeding and caring for the animals directly, but there are many other opportunties to benefit SHARE!


SHARE is in need of volunteers on Wednesdays and Thursdays!  Even though it is cold and we'd all love to stay inside, the horses must be cared for.  Volunteers help get the work done much faster when there are more hands to pitch in - AND the horses appreciate getting their hay and water quicker, too!  And you get your horsey fix too!  And if there is time left over, the horses always appreciate a scratch or two.


Volunteers must be 16 years old at a minimum, and there is no maximum age.

Please do not just show up to volunteer as SHARE is located on private property - please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Kim at kimthiede1@gmail.com  and she will set up an orientation for you.

Contact us today to discuss how you may best serve the horses and assist SHARE! We manage and communicate with our volunteers via a website, so if you want to help please sign-up.

Daily Care of Animals

Every night SHARE needs volunteers to help bring in and feed the horses. Some may have special needs or are under strict quarantine procedures.


Do you have room for just one more?  We have two kinds of foster homes: pasture pet foster homes who take a horse who isn't likely to be adopted otherwise, and training foster homes. If you think you can provide care for one of our pasture pets, Check our Adoption List for their information. 


As of April 2017 we are not fostering horses unless it is an emergency.  IF you would like for us to contact you in case of an emergency foster situation, please contact us at sharehorses@gmail.com.  Thank you!


Sponsoring helps to offset the operation costs fo SHAREwhile directly helping our horses.


  • Sponsor a specific horse - adoptable, sanctuary, special needs
  • Sponsor Training
  • Sponsor Dental Costs
  • Sponsor Vet Costs

Check our our Sponsoring page for more information.


Do you have the skills to start our horses on ground manners or under saddle? This is great way to help our horses find forever homes.

Investigate Abuse Reports

There is always a need for investigators - if interested contact us for more information.


We also need help managing fundraisers, organizing communication, and writing grants, so even if you're not physically able to help, we still need you!


Contact us to discuss our needs and how you may best serve!


American Express cardholders: You can donate your Rewards points to us, we get $10 for every 1,000 points you redeem, or use your card to donate and receive rewards points! Click the banner to make a donation to us using American Express.

Become a Member

Just go to our Contact page.


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Get Involved!

We can always use folks that are willing and able to help - Volunteer.


Currently we are not accepting any new owner turn-ins. We will continue to respond to investigation requests and work with the Dept of Agriculture and other authorities to aid in the rescue of animals where warranted.

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