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SHARE Rescues 6 Kentucky Nurse Mare Foals

These foals came from a nurse mare farm in Kentucky. Nurse mare farms breed horses so that they can provide a lactating mare for a more valuable foal either when the more valuable mare (usually a Thoroughbred) goes back to be bred or something happens to her.

The foals that these nurse mares give birth to are a byproduct and tend to just be tossed aside. The owners of these nurse mare farms do not care about the foals. They usually have anywhere from 100 to 800 mares in their care, and are doing it to make money and do not care about the welfare of the animals. Some of the foals are actually disposed of by being shot and the ones that aren't shot are lucky to make it to adulthood. Many are often underweight, sick, and not well handled.

Five of the babies SHARE rescued came from the nurse mare farm. The sixth filly was a last minute addition when a SHARE volunteer saw her laying there. She was very sick, and missing much of her hair--she could not be left there to die.

When these poor babies arrived at SHARE, all were underweight, not handled much, and were sick with pneumonia. They are all well on their way to recovery with only two still receiving treatment for pneumonia, but they are all active, healthy, and enjoying a good life. Scroll down for more information on each of the 6 babies SHARE rescued and "like" us on Facebook to stay updated on the babies progress with news and the latest photos! We will also keep our "updates" blog current with the latest photos and training progress. Visit the foals area of the blog at

Read the News Gazette article about S.H.A.R.E. and the babies.

How can you help?

Sponsorship: SHARE would love sponsors for the six foals in their care. As of the beginning of June, the group of 6 foals are consuming a $110 50lb bag of milk replacement and a $25 bag of a pelleted feed every four days. We'd like to say that these six just cost $1000 per month to feed, but as they grow they'll need even more food! They've also had several vet visits and two of the foals are still receiving twice daily antibiotics and probiotics. However, we are seeking sponsors for these babies at $100 per month, which will still go a long way towards providing for these foals.

If you would like to sponsor a foal and commit to a three month sponsorship (which will get all but one of these babies to adoption age, you get to name the foal! Whether you sponsor for a month or until they are adopted, we'll recognize you or your company on this website! Contact us if you're interested in sponsorship!

Adoption: These foals will be available when they are six months old, to ensure that all health issues have been resolved. Please review our adoption requirements and fill out an adoption application and we will contact you!

Help the other nurse mare foals: SHARE would really like to help more of these babies as there are numerous nurse mare farms in Kentucky. Unfortunately, this endeavor is extremely expensive with the price of gas rising and the medical bills these foals bring. We would like to organize another trip to Kentucky to bring up nurse mare foals to go directly to families to raise. If you would like to help by taking in a nurse mare foal or donating to our nurse mare program please contact us as soon as possible and please spread the word!

Meet the babies!

(All of the first photos are from May 28, 2011. Each foal has an "updates" page which will take you to more current photos.)

We couldn't leave this one behind!

A few weeks old - 5/28/11

4 months old - August 2011

Available for adoption in November 2011!

This is the filly we didn't plan on, but couldn't leave behind! This little filly was apparently born in the neighbor's pasture. They didn't know which mare was her mother (possibly the one who looked pregnant before and now doesn't look pregnant!?) and so gave her away to the neighbor's nurse mare farm, which really wasn't doing this filly a favor other than she happened to be seen by a SHARE volunteer who asked the nurse mare farm owner if we could take her too.

She is missing much of her hair from laying in urine--which absolutely should not have happened! Fortunately, she is starting to grow it back, and although she's still undergoing treatment for pneumonia and diarrhea, her chances for making it are good, thanks to twice daily medicine from SHARE volunteers.

Update: At 4 months old, little Miss Twiggy is maturing into a lovely and healthy young lady. At two months younger than all her siblings, she's not quite the little dynamo of the group, but she does well with the group. There's no trace of her horrible start in life and she's ready to grow up into a perfect horse.

Sponsor: This baby needs a sponsor!

Twiggy updates!

Big flashy colt will will steal the show and your heart!

4 months old - 5/28/11

8 months old - September 2011

Available for adoption in July 2011!

Sire: HA Nitroglycerin. His sire earned over $53,000 in NCHA and his offspring have earned over $260,000. His dam earned over $110,000 in the NCHA and her offspring have earned over $55,000.
Dam: Aeros Miss Frances

View this colt's pedigree. This is the oldest, and biggest of the babies. He's friendly and accepts being brushed and handled well. The filly above has really taken a liking to him. She follows him everywhere and he is kind to her as well as all of the other smaller babies.

Updates: Big'un was king of the babies, so we decided he needed some new pasture mates. We put him out with a larger group of good natured adult horses and he quickly learned he wasn't King Kong. He has a lovely attitude and some new friends and will be ready to integrate into any kind of a group at his future home. His gelding is scheduled for this fall and he'll be able to go home as soon as he recovers.

Sponsor: This baby needs a sponsor!

Big'un updates!

Extremely well-bred filly could be your next show horse!

2 months old - 5/28/11

6 months old - September 2011


Sire: Mr. Dun Promised, 10-time IBHA World Champion, 2008 AQHA Dixie National grand champion, AQHA Congress and World Reserve Champion 2007, and World Champion and Congress Champion producer!
Dam: Pep Ups Lady Lark - her dam was 1974 World Champion calf roping horse, has 259 halter and 106 performance points.

View this filly's pedigree. This pretty little quarter horse filly has all the breeding to be a show horse, or make a great family horse. Wouldn't it be great to make a quality show horse out of someone else's throwaway? Shame on them for throwing away this lovely little girl, will you give her the chance she deserves?

Updates: Beautiful Scarlet is a friendly little girl who never meets a stranger. She was adopted as soon as she turned 6 months old. Congratulations to her new family!

Scarlet updates!

This jet black APHA filly will develop into an elegant mare

2 months old - 5/28/11

6 months old - September 2011

Available for adoption September 2011!

Sire: LSB Bucksweet
Dam: Beach Magic Lynx

Have you always dreamed of a gorgeous jet black horse? This little lady might be the one. She looks like she might have exceptionally long legs--all horse babies look leggy, but this one just looks and moves elegantly! Will this be the next beauty to grace your barn?

Updates: Lacey is absolutely gorgeous. She's lovely looking and has a sweet personality to match. She is one of the taller girls and is growing up wonderfully. Lacey still needs an adopter!

Sponsor: This baby needs a sponsor!

Lacey updates!

Cute colt is healthy and looking for a family

2 months old - 5/28/11

6 months old - September 2011

Available for adoption September 2011!

This is the other little boy of the bunch. He's doing well and enjoying running around with the others in the bunch. He's a quarter horse but did not come with papers, either. He should develop into a well-adjusted healthy horse.

Updates: Simon, Simon, Simon. Let's just say this dude is a character! He loves people and is very curious and always wants to be in the middle of everything. He seems to have a sense of humor about life, and will make a wonderful horse to be your friend and riding partner. Simon still needs an adopter!

Sponsor: This baby needs a sponsor!

Simon updates!

Pretty little girl is making a great recovery

2 months old - 5/28/11

6 months old - September 2011


This sweet little girl is also still being treated for pneumonia and getting twice daily antibiotics and probiotics. She's making great progress though! She has a beautiful, feminine look to her, and has a big blaze and several white stockings--she will be quite the looker for sure! Although she didn't come with papers, she is a quarter horse. She should mature into a beautiful and healthy horse.

Update: Chrome developed into a stunning little filly with tons of flash. She's friendly and cute. When the group got their first trims, she was the best behaved of the bunch--putting many adult horses to shame with her nearly perfect (not just baby perfect, ANY age perfect) behavior for the farrier. Chrome has been adopted and we wish her and her new family the best!

Chrome updates!