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Adoption Requirements and the Adoption Process

Horses and other animals in need are currently in the care of SHARE volunteers, waiting for a good home. The following are our adoption requirements and below that, the procedures for an adoption. If you can't meet the requirements but would still like to adopt, please fill out an application and explain your situation. Our primary interest is a good, permanant home for the horses!

We also always welcome volunteers, sponsors, and even foster homes.


The Starved Horse

My heart hurts because I am not loved.
I wish I could fly away just like a dove.
My tail no longer swishes back and forth.
I have lost everything that I was worth.
I am too skinny and too weak to care.
Something that no-one should ever have to bear.
Maybe I will get fed today.
Why am I teasing myself this way?
I know I will not get food or water.
To my owner I am just a bother.
They might love me I try to think.
Nicer thoughts I try to seek.
Today I will lay down in the mud.
Fall asleep and never wake up.



Adoption Requirements

For a complete understanding of the relationship between SHARE adopters and SHARE, please review our adoption contract.

Adoption Procedures

  1. Please select a specific horse or horses you are interested in adopting. If we have a well-broke or kid-safe horse, it will say on their description. We do not frequently get those horses in the rescue. We are not able to maintain a wait list. If you are looking for that kind of horse, the best thing is to follow us on Facebook, join our monthly e-newsletter mailing list, and keep checking our adoption list. If you would like guidance on which of our young horses, green horses, or pasture pets would be best for your situation, we are happy to make recommendations.
  2. Fill out our adoption application. If the application does not work for you, you can answer the questions in an email or word document and send it to
  3. Email us photos of your current horses and barn and pastures. If you can't email photos, contact us and we'll discuss other arrangements. Home visits are a huge drain on our volunteers so we would like to help potential adopters ensure the home visit will have a positive outcome. Our home visit checklist will let you know of the kind of issues we are looking for.
  4. We will email you to follow-up with any additional questions and then to setup an appointment for you to visit the horses you are interested in. We typically schedule these on the weekends or evenings. Please feel free to email to follow up. Email is the best way to reach us.
  5. Contact your vet and farrier, or if you are a new horse owner, another reference as discussed to get your reference letters. Ideally these letters will be faxed to 217-355-5027 or mailed to SHARE, P.O. Box 6933, Champaign, IL 61825. As a last resort, these can be emailed to
  6. At the appointment to meet the horse, you can work with the horse, ride it if it is started under saddle, and in general try it out as you would a horse that is for sale. We reserve the right to stop anything that may be harmful to the horse or to you.
  7. If you wish to proceed with adopting a horse, a deposit of 50% of the adoption fee is required. We'll mark the horse as adoption pending and work on scheduling your home visit, although we prefer to receive your reference letters before the home vist. We collect this deposit before our facility visit as these visits are a significant drain of volunteer time and fuel expense.
  8. Our volunteers will visit your property or boarding facility to ensure it is a safe place for the horse. Please review our home visit checklist to look for any issues you might want to address beforehand.
  9. If you continue with the adoption, you will be required to pay the remainder of the adoption fee which is set by the board of directors for each animal. We will continue to inspect the animal for two years.
  10. If at any time the animal is not being properly cared for SHARE has the right to seize the animal.